[SFS] Bring a buddy to Linux Camp 2016

David L. Willson DLWillson@TheGeek.NU
Mon, 11 Apr 2016 20:24:27 -0600 (MDT)

13 bunks and 26 days of Early Bird left

Wouldn't it be awesome if we reserved a bunk every other day from here and *sold* *out* during the Early Bird? Why, yes! Yes, it sure would!


Did you know you can get dinner money by sending people to Linux Camp? Well, you can!

So, if you think Linux Camp rocks, tell your friends!

for camper in $new_campers; do
  read -p "Who referred you, $camper? " referrer
  echo "SFS: Give \$150 to $referrer"


Last, a patch for last week's script. Hat tip to Aaron.

- firefox www.sofree.us/linux-camp-2016 &
+ xdg-open http://www.sofree.us/linux-camp-2016

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution.