[SFS] DNS registrars.

David L. Anselmi anselmi@anselmi.us
Thu, 22 Dec 2016 10:42:50 -0700

Aaron Brown wrote:
> Name.com offers $3.14 domains on 3/14.  I figure that'll carry some weight
> with Willson.  They're based in Denver, which I like.  They're friends of
> friends.
> I've found that it's worth shopping around every time, as domain prices
> seem to vary every renewal cycle.  I've been using Amazon recently.

I guess I care more about transfers/renews than about a new registration (which is where the big 
discounts are).

name.com looks good and since they're local I'll go with them. Google seemed reasonable. 
namecheap.com also seemed reasonable. Thanks for the suggestions!

One thing I had found about godaddy (besides being in your face about all the things they can sell 
you) is that they would send me an auto-renew notice with a relatively high price. Years past when I 
logged in the price was lower. This year it isn't and I'm glad to have an incentive to leave them. 
(I was never in danger of getting charged the higher rate since my registrations last longer than my 
credit cards. Heh.)