[SFS] DevOps Camp: Women-In-Technology Scholarship Available

Heather L. Willson hlwillson at sofree.us
Tue Aug 7 10:22:44 MDT 2018

Hi Friends, 

***This is a special note for our women technologists and friends of women in tech*** 

SFS has $2876 in scholarship funds available for Women In Technology to go to SFS DevOps Camp 2018. Help us put it to good use! 

Are you a woman technologist interested in DevOps Engineering? Do you know one? Would scholarship funds help? 

Apply for a scholarship by sending an email to Heather < hlwillson at sofree.us > by August 10th. 

Please include, in your email, the amount of DevOps Camp tuition that you would need to be covered, in order for it to be affordable for you. 

Here are the camp details: http://www.sofree.us/devopscamp.html (DETAILS section at the bottom has the logistics) 

Dates: Aug. 25 th – Aug28th (Sat – Tues) some people leave Weds. am to avoid the night drive. Camp is Snow Mountain Ranch in Grandby, CO. 
Cost of Camp: $2,800 

We want to make sure the scholarship funds get to those that need them. You do what you can afford, and SFS will do the rest from the scholarship fund. 

We'll send a follow-up message when all the scholarship funds have been claimed. 

If you've been wanting to come to DevOps Camp, but the price was just too much, this is your chance. First come, first served. 

Heather and Silvia 

SFS Women In Tech 

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