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Consider joining and participating in your nearest LUG (Linux User Group). If you already have and do, high five to you. When and where does your LUG meet? 

In Colorado, I know three LUG meetings coming next week that may be of interest: 
- Golden LUG inaugural meeting - Monday, July 8th, 6:30'ish at New Terrain Brewing Company 
- CLUE resumption meeting - Tuesday, July 9th - door opens at 6:30 at the Comfy Room / SFS HQ / 4237 W Grand Ave, Denver - [ http://cluedenver.org/ | http://cluedenver.org/ ] (The website's out-of-date. Someone should fix that.) 
- BLUG meeting - Thursday, July 11th and every 2nd Thursday at Rule4 - [ http://www.lug.boulder.co.us/ | http://www.lug.boulder.co.us/ ] 

People often conflate Linux and Free Software, which is like conflating Ubuntu and Linux, or FreeBSD and BSD. Linux is *a* Free Software. Ubuntu is *a* Linux. Who cares? Well, as long as we know what Free Software is, no problem. But, if we lose track of that, if we suppose that Linux is just another OS, with it's pros and cons, and various levels of applicability to various situations, if we miss the innovation-enhancing foundation of freedom on which it is built and on which it continues to thrive, then we will fail to understand *why* Linux has done so well on every thing from Top500 to toasters, search engines to sprinkler systems. If we fail to see why preserving the *other* guy's freedom to innovate, even on top of *my* innovation, is important, we will have missed not just what makes Linux work so well, but we will have missed the soul of it. 

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