[SFS] OT: penetration-testing professional needed for interview

David L. Willson dlwillson at thegeek.nu
Mon Jun 24 11:36:11 MDT 2019

Who wants to talk about their cool job? 

My co-worker Taylor Sienkiewicz does a series "You have a cool job". She's interviewed martial artists, doctors, kangaroo yoga-ists (yogis?), and all sorts of things. 

She'd like to interview an "ethical hacker AKA someone a company hires to test the security of their databases". I'm pretty sure she means red team / pen-tester, but I know some pretty interesting blue team people, too. So, anyway... Anyone want to chat with a creative and funny journalist for an hour? I'm sure it would be OK, even encouraged, to pimp your relevant side hustle. 
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