[SFS] Upcoming Events: LOTS OF THINGS, and GitLab

David L. Willson dlwillson at sofree.us
Wed Mar 13 18:04:57 MDT 2019

# Upcoming Events

Would you rather view the Upcoming Events in your browser? [Click here](https://gitlab.com/sofreeus/sofreeus/blob/master/upcoming-events.md)!

## Highlights

- Special Discount to SFS Members for the Open Infrastructure Summit - https://www.openstack.org/summit/denver-2019 - discount code: USERGROUP_15 - Until 4/27
- We do on-site, custom classes. Just ask Captains at SoFree.Us.
- Got a passion for something free-libre and want to share it? [Join the Teachers ML](lists.sofree.us/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sfs-teachers)


## Small is Beautiful

A buffet of brilliant single-unit sessions and a celebration of Stallman's birthday

We're hosting a full day of short (up to an hour) lessons on a variety of free, open-source software in honor of the visionary Richard Matthew Stallman. This is the first of what we hope to be a quarterly event, to introduce new teachers and provide shorter SFS Method-style content.

The lineup is packed with expert teachers and fantastic topics. Come for part, or stay for the day.

  - 8:30am Silvia: "Quick and Dirty Wireshark"
  - 9:30am Dr. Jeffrey S. Haemer: Git Branches and Tags
  - 10:30am Rich: "JQ: Getting just what you want from JSON"
  - Derek: "Containers from scratch with Golang"
  - Alex: "Kubernetes Certifications and You" (22-minute talk only)
  - Shawn, a.k.a. RedMop: ZFS
  - David L. Willson: A bit about Stallman and Free Software (Probably just a Talk, but maybe a whole unit)
  - Cake by Heather!

Saturday, March 16th
8:30 AM to whenever (Come and go as you wish!)
at Code

[RSVP HERE](https://www.meetup.com/sofreeus/events/259297394/)

## AGHI2 GitLab and GitLab.com

During this gentle, hands-on introduction to GitLab
We'll create pretend products (probably cheese sandwiches or pies).
We'll create product teams.
We'll iterate on our pretend products so quickly that our BitBucket/GitHub using competition will be driven into financial distress and then we will poach their developers. Muhhahah!
And a whole lot more....

Saturday, May 4th
at Code Talent

[RSVP Here](https://www.meetup.com/sofreeus/events/257902517/)

## Events In-planning

You can't RSVP to these yet.

* 4/6 Python 201 with Aaron Brown
* 4/20 AGHI2 Kubernetes with Duncan
* Intro To DevOps again! TBD
* Ansible by Alex Wise! TBD

If you don't see what you want, make a wish! The captains at sofree.us love requests!

## Reminders

* We are lifelong learners. Please share learning opportunities, even if they're not produced by SFS.
* We are friends. You can post just about anything, but if it doesn't have to do with learning free-libre software, stick an "OT:" in front of it.
* We are professionals (when we must be). Please post your help wanted and job wanted here.
* Come hang out with us in [Mattermost](https://mm.sofree.us/sfs-team/channels/town-square)!

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