[SFS] BLUG: Docker R&D is Fast AF

David L. Willson dlwillson at sofree.us
Wed Nov 13 18:48:01 MST 2019

If you're interested in a 1+ hour SFS-style Docker class, and you can put up with me, consider coming to BLUG tomorrow evening. 

Here's the RSVP link: https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Linux-Users-Group-BLUG/events/pqbkrqyzpbsb/

I'll talk for about 15 minutes. I might show a slide or three explaining the theory of when and why I prototype in Docker. 

I'll demo for about 15 minutes. I will show the attendees exactly how to prototype two stacks in Docker: a Wordpress stack and a Prometheus stack. 

Then, I'll encourage attendees to sit in pairs or threes, open their laptops, and try to do what I did. I'll provide a git repository full of accelerators so it should possible to do it, discuss it, and even explore a bit, within the 15-30 minutes remaining. 

Participants will need: 
- a laptop that has Git, Bash, and Docker. This can be tested by cloning [this repo]( [ https://gitlab.com/DLWillson/mywebserver | https://gitlab.com/DLWillson/mywebserver ] ) and attempting the first exercise or two. 
- OR, a laptop that has VirtualBox installed, up-to-date, and *tested* working. This can be tested by downloading, importing, and starting an appliance from [SFS Nextcloud Shared VBoxes]( [ https://nextcloud.sofree.us/index.php/s/Kg3z3Z2dB5rOpnH | https://nextcloud.sofree.us/index.php/s/Kg3z3Z2dB5rOpnH ] ) or by building a VM from an ISO and adding the guest extensions. 
- OR, I can provide loaner machines, but I need to know ahead whether / how many to bring

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