[SFS] looking for group to study JAVA

David L. Willson dlwillson at sofree.us
Fri Sep 27 09:37:07 MDT 2019

Excellent! Who else wants to learn Java with Djebra and me? 

Let's say it's a go if we can get four. After we've got some learners, we'll decide whether we want to go peer-to-peer or pay an expert to lead us. 

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Yes I am okey with starting for the basics 

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SFS will provide a paid Zoom account for the meetings and whatever infrastructure is needed. We just need a few people that want to learn Java. I am interested, if we can start at 0. I know a few programming languages, but Java isn't one of them, and I've always been a little embarassed about that. So, Djebra, are you OK with starting with the basics? 

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Hi guys 
if anyone interested in java please let me know 
then we can make a group to study together 


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