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Fri Dec 11 09:07:30 MST 2020

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[ https://blue.sofree.us:8443/#online-2020-12-19-cooking-class-with-heather-l-willson ] ONLINE: 2020-12-19 Cooking class with Heather L. Willson! 

I am SO excited to be cooking with you! We are going to make Almost Vegan Figgy Pizza. Don't let the name scare you - it IS delicious! 

I will be making the recipe Gluten Free and it has not been tested with All-Purpose flour. It's a toothsome crust with fancy toppings. If you're looking for a regular pizza... this ain't it! 

Once you sign up I'll send you the recipe and shopping list. 

Time: 11am - 1pm 

Cost of class: donations only (you can send to my PayPal account) You will need to provide your own ingredients. 

Hope to see you! 

[ https://www.meetup.com/sofreeus/events/274959502/ | https://www.meetup.com/sofreeus/events/274959502/ ] 

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