[SFS] Who is so great about SFS?

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I forgot to mention that time is of the essence. Please take a moment.

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Who should we thank for making it good?

When you see that person is teaching, you sign up for their class.
When you see that person has signed up for your class, you're happy about it.
When you see that person has posted in Mattermost or to email list, you read.
When you remember some event/s, you remember it/them more fondly, because of that person's presence.

Please reply to me, not to the list. If you want to CC someone, that's up to you. Yes, it's OK to suggest more than one person. I recommend one, three, or seven persons.

But, why am I asking? Because, every year SFS thanks some of the people who made it good. Our thanks is humble, but material. Often, it's edible, wearable, or otherwise useful and/or beautiful.
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