[SFS] RasPi 4 case for sale or trade

David L. Willson dlwillson at thegeek.nu
Fri Feb 12 08:35:37 MST 2021

Here are a couple pictures of its twin in action. See how silent it is? It'd make a great baby camera or whatever. Take this thing off my hands. 


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Subject: [SFS] RasPi 4 case for sale or trade 

I have an aluminum heat-sinking case for a Raspberry Pi 4. This is a fan-less case that keeps the pi cool by being big, thermo-coupled, and made of aluminum. 

Unfortunately, I have *two* of these cases, and I would like to have one. Does anyone have a pi 4 looking for a quiet case? You can have this one. I'll trade for 0.5 mBTC, 20 USD, or a fan-less, heat-sinking Pi 4 case. 

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