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I have found that a lot of schools are not preparing students in multiple technology careers. I have been giving CSU students training lectures on how to get coding experience now to be able to get accepted for internships and jobs in the future. In addition it seems the schools are not partnered with any companies to help grads get into the door at various companies.  This is leaving a lot of talented grads to get noc and helpdesk positions.  I have been debating on doing a youtube series to help people land jobs, I have already started working on a company with a few friends to help boost creatives into finding reoccurring revenue.

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I can help.  I work in cyber security, not Dev

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? I'd be happy to help with this.

Alexander Wise wrote on 6/11/21 4:17 PM:
Hey all,

I have a friend who is changing careers into tech, and will be graduating with a CS degree in August. His school, unfortunately, doesn't seem to offer any resume-feedback or interview practice, and he feels a little underprepared for the job market. I was wondering if anyone in this crew might be interested in interviewing him. He's mostly targeting entry-level dev jobs, but I think a mock interview with anyone who's worked in the industry will be very helpful.



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