[SFS] 96-core ARM CPU

Dennis J Perkins dennisjperkins at comcast.net
Sun May 7 14:48:49 MDT 2023

Jeff Geerling reviews a computer with 96 cores.


He also has a Petabyte Pi Project.  60 hard drives connected to a 
Raspberry Pi.  He used a Storinator to make this work.  Kinda.  It took 
6 minutes to boot with all of those hard drives.  And RAID had timeout 
issues.  It's not surprising because the Pi was not designed for 
something like this.  Power-up is another issue too. Powering up that 
many drives at once would cause a big power surge, so the Storinator 
borrows something from mainframe days. It staggers powering up the 
drives to reduce the power surge.


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