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Anthony Sayre asayre at sofree.us
Thu Jul 12 08:36:23 MDT 2018

# Upcoming Events

Would you rather view the Upcoming Events in your browser? [Click here](https://gitlab.com/sofreeus/sofreeus/blob/master/upcoming-events.md)!

## Highlights

* We're **crowd-funding two women to attend DevOps Camp with us**, donte here and/or share on your social networks! We need help getting this message out to a broader audience, so even if oyu can't donate, please share on the social medias! Thank you!
  + https://www.gofundme.com/prepare-women-for-devops-careers

* Want to watch the fireside chat for DevOps Camp?  Click [here] (https://www.facebook.com/softwarefreedomschool/videos/2107513229576255/)

* Want a quick snippet on DevOps Camp?  Click [here] (https://vimeo.com/277852818)

* Looking for teachers for the latter half of the year for First Saturday classes!  Is it YOU??
* Want a [custom] SFS class at your location? Email captains at sofree.us and we'll steer the fleet your way.


## Happy Birthday OpenStack!


Tuesday, July 24th, 6PM to 8PM

## Denver Microservices Meetup - Istio - Fernand Galiana

Wednesday, July 25th, 6PM to 9PM at Codetalent

I don't know much about this but want to. Travis Nelson runs this meetup and has also presented at IT-NTL meetup. I may go to this if I can swing it schedule wise. Anyone else? - Drop me a line if so, asayre at sofree.us


In this talk, we will take a look at the basic tenants of Istio and the various use cases it affords to configure and manage your microservice stacks in a Kubernetes cluster.


## DevOps Camp


Can good software be delivered quickly and safely? Yep. Come see.
9AM Saturday, August 25th - 6PM Tuesday, August 28th
at Snow Mountain Ranch
by Aaron Brown and David L. Willson


## Python


Learn Parseltongue and be amazed as you unleash an army of pythons to do your bidding!
Okay, maybe not, but come with us and learn to write Python code and you can drive your silicon slaves to do whatever your heart desires.
>From scraping web data to huge mathematical puzzles and back again to machine learning, there’s nothing this simple, all-purpose language can’t do!
Zac Champion will show you how to code in Python and exhibit a few of the many ways it can be practically used!

Saturday, Aug 4  9am - 1pm (show up any time after 8:30am)
at SFS Comfy Room 4237 W. Grand Ave. Denver, CO 80123
by Zac Champion

## Reminders

* We are lifelong learners. Please share learning opportunities, even if they're not produced by SFS.
* We are friends. You can post just about anything, but if it doesn't have to do with learning free-libre software, stick an "OT:" in front of it.
* We are professionals (when we must be). Please post your help wanted and job wanted here.
* We hang out in [Mattermost](https://mattermost.sofree.us/signup_user_complete/?id=yxm5sbjra7gsmkaj19ut3w6qgr).

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