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Hi, I mentioned this in the updates e-mail but wanted to send a separate e-mail on it as well. 
We could use some help with our crowd funding effort. 

Below is a detailed overview of what we are doing and why. Donate if you can and (just as important if not more so right now) please share on social media and forward the below to anyone else you can think of who might help with this (bosses, friends family). 

We need to get this message out to a wider audience and every bit helps, thank you! 

- Antz 


DevOps Camp Fundraiser Summary: 

the ASK: 

We want you to contribute to our GoFundMe campaign to help us send two women down a DevOps learning path. 


We hope you'll contribute $500 or $1000 corporately or $100 personally (or $50, $20, what you can afford!) 

We also hope that if you hire Junior DevOps / Junior SysAdmins, you'll provide mock interviews for the women students in a few months, after they've received their training. 


who we ARE: 

Software Freedom School is a grass roots learning organization, we do 2-5 tech classes at a couple locations each month, and put on an immersion camp every year. 



the WHY: 

We want to promote women in tech as there is a dearth of women in DevOps/IT engineering. 

Silvia Briscoe and Anthony Sayre have found two women candidates who are interested in this training through their alliance with Women Who Code (https://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Code-Boulder-Denver/ , Equili (equi.li), Linux Academy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ER6A0EnnB0), and Advanced Systems Group (www.virtual.com). 


the HOW: 

The aim is to remove the financial barrier for these two women to start their DevOps learning journey. 

If we get enough funds, they will attend for free. After the camp, we would like to have them do mock interviews to assess where they are and what gaps they still need to fill in order to get a junior devops role or similar. We'll then continue the learning process, focused on those gaps. 

A 30-60 minute casual interview from someone who hires these roles would be fantastic and really help them out and help us assess where they are! 

The camp will be late August, so we'd like the interviews to follow soon after. 

Sponsors will be publicly thanked on our Meetups, mailing list, website, and a custom banner that will be visible through all four days of DevOps Camp. 


The tools and content that will be LEARNED: 

Linux basics: 

Make sure the students have the basics required to do lower level work. 

- Gitlab 

Go faster. CI/CD pipelines not only speed things up - they provide a happy marriage of development velocity with operational 
best practices. This class will give you a real-world foundation for build/test/deploy pipelines with hands-on GitLab CI 

- Prometheus 

Stay safe. Automated testing is part of the pipeline, but you can also slipstream OS and platform updates in an efficient 
pipeline. We'll show you how monitoring and alerting can be defined in a service's source code, too. 

- Docker & Kubernetes 

Web scale. Auto-scaling groups are cool, but container orchestration platforms on auto-scaling groups? That's where it's at. And 
it's not as complicated as you might think. DevOps Camp includes hands-on labs with Docker and Kubernetes! 

- Uptime. 

Nines? You can haz them. Maintenance windows, schmaintenance windows. Rolling deploys can maximize your uptime and 
enable safe, mid-day deploys. Combine this with infrastructure that can be replaced under a running production environment, and 
your life gets a lot easier. 

- Be efficient. 

Without a plan, microservices can sprawl out of control and quickly become polyglot monoliths. But with some 
thoughtful planning, you won't think twice about managing hundreds - maybe thousands - of services. 



### Nowai Mathew: 

Nowai graduated from Purdue University majoring in Computer Graphics. Since then she has developed multiple applications using technologies such as JSP, HTML5/HTML, CSS3/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, RequireJS and others. Her favorite part about work is developing large e-commerce apps. She is an active coordinator for Women Who Code and in her spare time she enjoys yoga, gaming and hiking. In her own words she is looking forward to DevOps Camp because, "I’m looking forward to expanding my technical skill set around dev ops and gaining a deeper knowledge of dev ops in general. I’m also looking forward to gaining knowledge that I can apply at my current role." (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nowaim/) 

### Denise Ochoa: 

Is a graduate of CSU and is a bilingual Data Center Technician. She focuses on troubleshooting and supporting the software development lab systems for software development and test engineering teams. Her favorite part about work is figuring out each challenge the diverse networking environments present. In her spare time she enjoys boxing. She is really looking forward to attending Devops camp because it will provide hands on experience and expose the challenges the of the entire Devops lifecycle. 


Thanks again, we realize this is above and beyond, I can assure you its for a great cause and is being run by competent professionals and teachers working in the industry today: http://www.sofree.us/directory.html 
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