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Upcoming Events 

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    * Looking forward to Mike Shoup's build your own Nextcloud cloud! This is an amazing class and he teaches it well! Come prepared to learn, share files, and laugh! 
    * SFS Method is going to rock the Comfy Room on Sunday (11/4). It's not often we hold classes on Sundays but when they're asked for WE DELIVER! 
    * What classes do "You" or your "company" want to learn from in 2019? Please email Heather with your ideas @ hlwillson at sofree.us. Remember... they must be libre! 
    * Looking for a good business book? Check out Measure What Matters by John Doerr. The SFS Board just finished reading it and is looking forward to implementing OKRs for 2019. 
    * Here is the link to the John Doerr "Measure What Matters" TedTalk: https://www.whatmatters.com/stories/ted-talk 

Build Your Own Nextcloud Cloud by Mike Shoup 

Mike will teach us how to build, use, and share data between our own Nextcloud cloud file storage servers. 
Saturday, November 3rd 
9:00am - 1:00pm MDT 
at the Comfy Room 

SFS Method by Silvia Briscoe and David L. Willson 

Silvia and David will teach the SFS way of teaching. Used properly, the SFS Method automatically prevents a variety of blunders commonly committed by junior teachers. 
Sunday, November 4th 
9:00am - 1:00pm MST 
Online and in the Comfy Room - Big Blue Button or Zoom 

A Gentle, Hands-on Introduction to GitLab by David L. Willson 

Learn how to use the features of GitLab: git SCM, Issues, Merge Requests, and CI. 
Saturday, December 1st 
9:00am - 1:00pm MST 
at the Comfy Room 
No RSVP yet. Please look for it on Meetup soon! 


We are lifelong learners. Please share learning opportunities, even if they're not produced by SFS. 
We are friends. You can post just about anything, but if it doesn't have to do with learning free-libre software, stick an "OT:" in front of it. 
We are professionals (when we must be). Please post your help wanted and job wanted here. 
We hang out in Mattermost . 

Heather L. Willson 
Software Freedom School 
hlwillson at sofree.us 
...where learning is libre... 

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