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Details, for last-minute joins.This is strictly BYO, BTW. No SFS-provided compute, this time.

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Gary, Evelyn, and John,We'll start studying at 9AM on Saturday and go until 7PM. Then Sunday, we'll start at 9AM and go until we're finished or 7PM if we don't finish.You can join in-person in the Comfy Room or online over Jitsi at https://jitsi.sofree.us/lkthwI'm not sure whether each of us should go through the material with our own cluster, or whether we should all go together on the same cluster, or both. I lean slightly toward both. One shared cluster, and one un-shared cluster per student, doing each step all together on the shared cluster, then each alone on his/her own cluster. Does anyone have an opinion on this?--David L. Willson720-333-LANSFrom: "DLWillson" <dlwillson at thegeek.nu>To: "sfs" <sfs at lists.sofree.us>Sent: Monday, June 22, 2020 5:14:13 PMSubject: Learn Kubernetes The Hard Way?Hey friends,Gary and I are going to grind through [LKTHW](https://github.com/kelseyhightower/kubernetes-the-hard-way) this weekend.If you'd like to join us, shoot one of us an email or a call. I'm not putting this on Meetup.--David L. Willson
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