[SFS] Job: DevOps Architect - Austin, TX

David L. Willson dlwillson at thegeek.nu
Tue Feb 1 19:42:19 MST 2022

What would you do-ooo-ooo, for 150K? (to the tune of the old Klondike Bar jingle)

I've had a lot of good gigs through Apex, but this one's not a fit for me.


From: "Arthur Gagliano" <agagliano at apexsystems.com>
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Subject: Follow Up! Kestra Financial - DevOps Architect

Hey David, 

It was great speaking with you! I truly appreciate any help you can give and wish you the best of luck with Verizon! Attached in the job description for the role and below are some quick details. 

Client: Kestra Financial 

Location: Austin, Texas 

Duration: Fulltime/Perm 

Pay: 150k/yr + 15% bonus 

Scope of work: Lead a team in rebuilding their entire platform from Legacy to Azure. 

Again, I appreciate you being so kind in helping me. Good luck to finding that dream job of yours! If I can help in any way, I will. 


Arthur Gagliano | Technical Recruiter | Apex Systems
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