[SFS] Freedombox and Nextcloud

Dennis J Perkins dennisjperkins at comcast.net
Sun Sep 11 20:09:31 MDT 2022

I have Freedombox on the Internet now.  I also set up a subdomain for 
the Nextcloud computer and the Freedombox server routes anything for 
Nextcloud over to it.  Both servers  want a signed certificate but the 
certificate is only for Freedombox.  I've tried a few things to add the 
Nextcloud subdomain but I haven't had any luck.

Freedombox's Lets Encrypt app doesn't let me choose multiple domains.  I 
could drop to the command line and run certbot but Freedombox doesn't 
need Nextcloud on the certificate.  Nextcloud needs it.  Its Lets 
Encrypt interface allows domains and subdomains but it fails for some 

I think that if I can get Nextcloud's Lets Encrypt to stop crashing, 
I'll be able to get Nextcloud added to the certificate and 
getNextcloud.  They each need a copy of the certificate and their Lets 
Encrypt services will get an updated certificate every 3 months.

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